Dr Hsu and Dr Singh have both featured on radio and in newspaper publications and online media. NSW Spine Specialists also publishes a regular newsletter.

Meet our admin team

NSW Spine Specialists newsletter - September 2019

Our administration team is led by Jacqui whom many of you would have either spoken to over the phone or met in clinic. Assisting Jacqui we have Allison, Hitika and Sally as well as Therese in Accounts.

Also: A guide to Spine Exercises and a detailed look at what we offer for Paediatric Scoliosis Patients

NSW Spine Specialists - September 2019 Newsletter

GP education session

Westmead Private Hospital Facebook - July 2019

We are very lucky to have such dedicated specialists who take the time to keep our GP community up to date on the latest techniques.

Q&A with our surgeons

NSW Spine Specialists newsletter - March 2019

Our surgeons answer questions such as:

What are the most common reasons patients come to see you? Is it a presumption that patients who come to see you will eventually have spine surgery? Why do we get back pain? and When is spine surgery required?

NSW Spine Specialists - March 2019 Newsletter

Back pain affects 1 in 4 Aussies

Better Living with Ed Phillips - February 22, 2018

Lack of exercise, a sedentary occupation, weight gain, smoking. These are things which do make you more susceptible to hurting your back.

Dr Bhisham Singh
Dr Bhisham Singh talks on Better Living

City’s west has seen the rise of the machines

The Sun Herald - June 4, 2017

Around 99 per cent of the paediatric surgery I do is to treat scoliosis, so we’re excited the Mazor robot is at Westmead Private

Dr Brian Hsu
Robotic Spinal Surgery - Dr Hsu

Bones from hip replacement transplants give new life

Lateline - November 28, 2016

In between the two rods, there are the bones that you can see at each segment and it is between the two rods, in this case, that we put the bone graft in.

Dr Brian Hsu

Spine surgeons home in on holes

Adelaide Advertiser - April 10, 2014

Surgeons have been using GPS-based devices for some time, but a Sydney operating theatre has been fitted with the medical equivalent of park-assist.

Robotic Spinal Surgery - Dr Hsu

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