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Dr Hsu and Dr Singh have both appeared on radio and television discussing back pain and spinal surgery. NSW Spine Specialists also publishes regular updates with patient tips and practice updates on their clinical services.

Stay informed on the latest news and updates from NSW Spine Specialists.

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International Nurses Day 2023

International Nurses Day 2023 is celebrated on 12 May. This year the theme is “Our Nurses. Our Future”. Our practice nurses are an integral part of the team and future for NSW Spine Specialists.

With that in mind, we would like you to meet Maria, one of our practice nurses.

Injections for back pain

Spinal injections are relatively straight forward. Injections typically include an anti-inflammatory corticosteroid formula, combined with a small amount of local anaesthetic.

What is scoliosis?

Early diagnosis and treatment of scoliosis is vital for a person’s long term health and quality of life.

Endoscopic spine surgery

In an Australian medical first, Dr Brian Hsu will be performing Endoscopic Spine Surgery at Norwest Private Hospital in Sydney’s North West from mid-July.

Spine surgery during COVID-19

With COVID-19 expected to remain a serious health concern around the world for many months to come, NSW Spine Specialists is taking extra precautions to help protect our patients and staff.

The role of exercise physiologists

NSW Spine Specialists believe exercise physiologists play an important part of the patient rehabilitation experience.

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