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Artificial Cervical Disc Replacement

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This procedure replaces a diseased or damaged spinal disc with a specialised implant designed to preserve motion in the neck. This procedure can relieve the pain of pinched nerves in the cervical spine.

Removing the Disc

Your NSWSS spinal surgeon creates a small incision in the front of the neck to gain access to the spine. The diseased disc is removed from between the vertebral bodies.

Preparing the Vertebrae

The surfaces of the vertebral bodies are cleared of all damaged disc tissue and shaped to accept the implant.

Implanting the Disc

The Prestige® artificial disc is inserted into the space between the vertebrae and carefully secured into place with specialised screws. The implant is designed to preserve spinal motion and keep the cervical spine properly aligned.

Spinal Fusion

The spinal fusion procedure uses a metal plate to connect the vertebrae above and below the removed disc, locking the vertebrae together and preventing movement.

Prestige® Artificial Disc

The Prestige® artificial disc is designed to allow the treated vertebrae to glide and twist against each other, preserving motion in the neck.

Artificial Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery - Sydney, NSW

All surgical procedures involve risks. The information provided here is for general educational purposes only. For specific advice regarding artificial cervical disc replacement surgery, please book an appointment with one of our surgeons.

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