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Endoscopic Spine Surgery (ESS) is a minimally invasive procedure performed through a ‘keyhole’ approach.

Dr Hsu or Dr Singh make a small incision and carefully move aside surrounding soft tissue. Using modern navigation technology, Dr Hsu or Dr Singh perform the procedure with an illuminated and detailed view of all structures of the spinal canal.

ESS is used to treat a variety of spinal disorders and conditions including disc herniation, spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease requiring spinal stabilisation.

The advantages of ESS include minimal risk of infection, fewer scars, less wound and muscle pain, and a shorter hospital stay.

Surgical Procedure

A diagnostic MRI and/or CT scan enables Dr Hsu or Dr Singh to determine the best access route for surgery.

A small incision is made by the surgeon and through the “keyhole” approach a channel is created by gently moving aside soft tissue. Different instruments are then inserted, for example a diamond abrasor to remove bony structures impinging on the neural structures of the spine.

The surgeon uses a specialised endoscope to see a detailed view of the spinal cord and the spinal nerve roots throughout the procedure.

Post-operative Care

The small incision is closed with one or two stitches and a dressing. You can expect to be back on your feet within a couple of hours of the procedure. Dr Hsu or Dr Singh will let you know when you can go home from hospital and resume normal activities.

Risks and complications

As with any major surgery there are potential risks involved. The decision to proceed with the surgery is made because the advantages of surgery outweigh the potential disadvantages.

Specific complications of ESS include:

  • Neck pain and spasms
  • Continued or increased pain
  • Injury to vascular structures or nerves
  • Infection

All surgical procedures involve risks. The information provided here is for general educational purposes only. For specific advice regarding an anterior cervical discectomy & fusion, please book an appointment with one of our surgeons.

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