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Dr Muhammed recently completed a complex spine fellowship with Dr Brian Hsu. He discusses his experience and benefit the fellowship will have on his career. '

Complex spine fellowship

I had the privilege of being selected to pursue a complex spine fellowship under Dr Brian Hsu, A/Prof. Kevin Seex and Dr Bhisham Singh. Upon arrival in Sydney, I was warmly received by the entire team at the NSW Spine Specialists and after finalizing my medical registration, my fellowship began on the 10th of May 2021.

The experience has been nothing short of brilliant for me. I had the privilege to participate in complex spinal cases, starting from the decision making process to the theatre operations and finally clinic follow up.

In addition we also had frequent spine meetings where we would discuss complex cases and their management.

This fellowship has certainly made a huge positive difference in my knowledge and skill of spine surgery. Having now completed it, I would be the only fellow-trained spine surgeon in my home city of Mombasa (Kenya) where I work in the 2nd largest public hospital in the country. Mombasa’s metropolitan region has a population of 3.5 million people.

I would certainly recommend this fellowship as it is well organised and has excellent hands-on experience.

By Dr Muhammed Rashid Issa

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