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Endoscopic spine surgery

Endoscopic spine surgery

In an Australian medical first, Dr Brian Hsu will be performing Endoscopic Spine Surgery (ESS) at Norwest Private Hospital in Sydney’s North West from mid-July. This exciting surgical opportunity will be possible through partnerships with medical device companies Joimax and LifeHealthcare.

Endoscopic Spine Surgery is a technique that allows for the minimally invasive decompression and/or fusion of the spine. This approach assists patients to recover faster and can reduce their hospital stay post-operatively.

Endoscopic Spine Surgery has been growing steadily in popularity since the late 1990’s and there has been exponential growth in the technique in the past 10 years. Endoscopic Spine Surgery is now mainstream and is widely performed internationally.

Today, modern navigation technology allows surgeons to visualise the position of the endoscopic instruments as they are placed in the patient’s body, adding to patient safety and reducing radiation exposure to the patient and surgical personnel. Using this technology, interbody cages and pedicle screws can now be used in these Endoscopic Lumbar Interbody Fusion (Endo-LIF) procedures.

Endoscopic Spine Surgery can be successfully used to treat a variety of spinal disorders and conditions, including herniated discs, sciatica, fractures and infections.

In summary,

  • Dr Hsu will be providing ESS at Norwest Private Hospital from mid-July 2020
  • The technique reduces the need to cut through soft tissues, therefore providing the patient a quicker recovery time
  • ESS results in less blood loss and less post-operative discomfort or pain.

All surgical procedures involve risks. The information provided here is for general educational purposes only. For specific advice regarding Endoscopic Spine Surgery, please book an appointment with one of our surgeons.

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