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Complex spinal deformity fellowship

After waiting for nearly a year to complete my medical registration in Australia, I finally arrived in Sydney on 28 June 2019. It marked the beginning of an exciting six month fellowship experience with Dr Brian Hsu, a renowned spine surgeon in Australia.

I was fortunate to be able to take part in various spinal deformity correction surgeries with Dr Hsu (average 400 cases per year). The hands-on experience helped my surgical technique tremendously and aided my confidence in spinal instrumentation.

I had the privilege of discussing cases regularly with my mentor, to learn more about the indications of surgery. Also calculating the type and magnitude of deformity, planning the surgical strategies and honing my techniques to correct the deformity.

Although I was away from home (Singapore) for six months, I was warmly received by not only Dr Hsu but his team: surgeons, anaesthetists, nurses and administrative staff. The fellowship was a great experience for me, and I would recommend it to any young surgeon who wishes to sub-specialise in spinal deformity surgery.

By Dr Ji Min

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