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The role of practice nurses

What does your typical day involve?

Practice nurse Maria: My typical day at work involves leaving home early in the morning to see the patients in the hospitals on ward rounds. I spend as much time as necessary with them to see how they are feeling, and make sure that everything is going well.

I then liaise with Dr Hsu and Dr Singh and other members of the clinical team. Proper documentation from the ward rounds is essential in order for the rest of the team to be informed as to how the patients are progressing on the ward. We all work together in order to provide optimal care to our patients. I then return to the office to phone our postoperative patients, checking up on them and making sure that they are coping well either in rehab after their surgery or at home. I am also involved in the doctor’s clinics where as the Practice Nurse I see all the new patients and do their observations, height and weight and check their imaging and paperwork.

I also give education to any patients who might be having surgery in the near future, or who are having a test or procedure. Sometimes my job is just to provide further information and reassure patients of their treatment options.

How do you feel you contribute to our patients’ experience?

We are here to make sure that our patients are not only happy with their experience dealing with our practice, but also that they are well and safe. We care for our patients holistically. I make sure that they understand what is happening to them and what to expect from surgery or other investigations.

I educate them and answer their questions as much as I can. The nursing staff are on-call 24/7, therefore we are easily reached especially if emergencies arise.

The practice nurses call the patients one week after their clinic appointment to answer any further questions and to make sure that they have understood the instructions from our doctors.

What is the best part of working at NSW Spine Specialists?

Our amazing team! Each one has a unique role to play but everyone is eager to help one another when needed in order to provide the best quality of care for our patients.

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